Fix it – repair it! Don’t replace it

Culture changes fast. Not long ago, there was an avid repair industry and a strong mentality of ‘make do and mend’. But today’s throw-away society is putting a strain on our planet, not to mention our wallets.
Let’s change that.
Next time something in your home is acting up, why not see if you can fix it instead of chuck it? Not only will you be surprised how easy it can be, you’ll be amazed how satisfying it feels.
Pictured is what was my favorite pair of knitted socks. And with wear, comes tear.. HUGE blowouts in the heels and toes.. but instead of tossing them out (the easiest thing to do) I chose to give them a second chance. They used to be all the multicoloured wool… But have earned a new “foot” and a second chance at keeping my piggies warm. Thanks to my talented mother, she fixed these up in a flash for me. ❤️

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What nobody tells you about keeping chickens…the good, the bad and the “plucked” up.

We have been chicken tenders (pun intended) for nearly 2 years. Far from gurus but have acquired a substantial amount of information on the critters. For the most part, chickens are super fun and wonderful to be around but keep in mind they do come with a few negative aspects. It ain’t all roses!

So with all that said, I have decided to briefly explain 5 things noone seems to ever discuss prior to jumping onto the crazy chicken lady band wagon.

1. Ankle Busters. Yes…figuritively. these birds are skilled diggers. When we would leave our chickens to free range they quickly found our grape vines and would lay by this beautiful fruit bearing tree all day… But with that afternoon sun beaming down on the ladies, they got hot. And hot hens = holes. I’m talking impressive, almost to China kinda holes. All good, its nature and all but holy hell the amount of times I fell stepping in the holes or nearly twisting my ankles were atrocious. So heads up newcomers…HOLES

2. The anatomy lessons. Ohhhhh crap….here we go…. Astonishingly noone out there seems to know how baby chicks are made and it seems to be the first thing others want to know about. “So…do you need a rooster to have eggs?” There it is folks…that famous question. And your answer, nope, the egg is simply the period of you feathered friend. Omlette anyone ??

3. They love EGGS just as much as you do. You’ve got your flock of 10 birds or so and you’re lifting a beautiful amount of eggs daily….then….BAM production is cut in half and you’re debating buying eggs at the grocery store. Well I’ll be danmed!! What is going on? Yup! You guessed it… Those big beautiful eggs are getting devoured by your friendly flock…or one specific bird. Do you blame them ? Delicious, high protein and the shell busting in calcium, it’s the perfect mix of nutrition and taste. Now for the tricky part. Figuring out who the culprit is. Mine was easy. My dearest Holy girl, with her yellow, yolk covered beak. Beware for “the Holy”.

4. Prepare for illness. Like humans, they get sick. I wish I had known sooner about the diseases these birds may acquire along the journey. From gleet, to mites to prolapse (to name a few) we have seen alot in the past couple years. With that said, get on the internet and research chicken illnesses and have a few medications kicking around should your girls get sick. Vasoline to protect their combs for those winter months, hydrogen peroxide, polysporin are all good to have on deck when raising chickens

5. Chickens are addictive. Why do you think the term “crazy chicken lady” even exist. They are basically the farmer’s drug of choice. Low maintenance, friendly and fun. What else could you really ask for. So you start with half a dozen birds, and before you know it, you have 75 chickens roaming free in your back yard…OOPS! You’re constantly wanted new breeds and different coloured eggs. You’ll see. 😉

If someone would have told me 5 years ago that I would be a devoted chicken mom to nearly 100 chickens, I would have laughed in their face. But here I am, in all my bliss, rocking my fluff butt hut and sharing knowledge about it to boot. All and all, its a great journey and there are hundreds of things that nobody tells you when you first embark on the chicken wagon but with time you will debunk all that stuff and love the ride.


A waste conscious soul

Growing up the motto “leave tracks not trash” lit a fire in my soul. I remember as a little kid tossing a Kraft’s singles plastic wrapper out the window of the old Ford pickup truck (yes those were considered a snack back in my day…how did we ever survive ??? Lol). I was quickly instructed to NEVER EVER litter. Something obviously stuck with me that day…Heading to “the pits” just north of our home to target shoot I will always remember how much trash was always left behind… NASTY flippin garbage EVERYWHERE!!!

I think it was those childhood memories that stuck with me… And to this day, when I see garbage on the side of the road or at a park, I make an effort to pick it up. My husband laughs at my efforts and calls me “Johnny green peace” but everytime he does this (not going to lie) a little piece of me smiles…like HELL YEAH dude… I’ll save this planet one piece of trash at a time …or try to do so anyways.

AND… To boot, I have young children and what better gift to give them then a healthy planet as living space. 

Anywho…I guess the “waste free” part of me stems from way back all together. It’s not perfected by any means ..but it’s a start.

Leave tracks, not trash!

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